Primary Applications: Marble, Terrazzo, Linoleum, Polished Concrete, Granite, Travertine, Pre Poly-Seal Coated Surfaces


Poly-Polish is an innovative, non-hazardous, industrial polishing and wear solution specially designed for a variety of surfaces including terrazzo, marble, tile, and vinyl. Poly-Polish’s unique and comprehensive chemical technology delivers polish and protection results that significantly reduce the time and material required for maintaining these surfaces. Poly-Polish is biodegradable, non-toxic, and safe for use in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. Developed by BCI in response to today’s needs, Poly-Polish was designed using the most comprehensive of chemical technologies, and effectively polishes and protects almost any surface with ease.

Technical Information

  • Meets ASTM CI027: “Standard Test Method for Determining Visible Abrasion
  • Resistance of Glazed Ceramic Tile”.
  • ASTM C1028: “Standard Test Method for Determining the Static Coefficient of friction of Ceramic Tile and Other Like Surfaces”.
  • • Poly-Polish was given a class 4 rating. According to ANSI A137.1-2008, the maximum recommended use for class 4 tile is: “commercial”.
  • Cure Time: 8 hours
  • Mix Ratio: 0 or None
  • VO C Content: 0 or None

Polishing Compound
Water-Based Polymer Surface Protective/Wear Coating


  • Provides 24-hour stain protection to the most common stain-causing agents found in grocery stores, restaurants, warehouses and distribution centers.
  • Treated floors exhibit exceptional gloss and long-lasting stain protection.
  • Increases slip resistance. Meets static coefficient of friction requirements of ASTM C1028.
  • Scuff and scratch resistant.
  • Retains high gloss under scrubbing.
  • Exposure to periodic dripping of hot oils will not stain or remove Poly-Polish, making it ideal for use in food preparation areas.
  • Rejuvenates with dry buffing.
  • Easy to apply and reapply.
  • Safe to use – water-based, low odor, no fumes.
  • Download our MSDS
    Safety Sheets

Proudly Made in the USA